This blog is not for the easily offended. It is raw and unedited. It is the forum in which I rant about the things that I am upset about. I do not apologize for anything written therein and warn you that if you read it, you may judge me and my opinions. So do so at your own risk. I try hard not to offend those around me in conversation and then come home and let it all out here. So if you have ever wondered what people really think this may answer that. I will get political, I will get religious, I will be pompous and opinionated. I will be mean, and I will be honest. You have been warned.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fake Fake Fake

I do not subscribe to a lot of lame female habits. I do not need anyone to go with me to the bathroom. I do not need my girlfriends to tell me something is good in order to believe it is. I do not have to look perfect in order to feel good. I can not pretend to like someone if I don't. And I do not care one bit if one of my peers is better than me at something. And I refuse to hide my talents so that other females around me don't feel threatened, or to justify and explain my uniqueness so they don't judge me.

Here I am. What you see is what you get. And whatever I don't say to your poor, fake yet unconfident, popularity obsessed, overly made up face, you can read about on my blog.

I am unique and I respect that those around me are too. I work really hard to be nice to everyone because I am nice. I like to notice the differences in others and to enjoy them. But I refuse to stroke the egos of my peers to get them to like me. I am done trying to please people who are complicated and fake and difficult to please.

If I have learned anything in life it is that I am happiest when I listen to my heart and my family and do only what I feel is important.

So I am sorry if you don't like how I did my hair today. I like it. And I am proud of how fast I did it because I ran early this morning which didn't leave me much time to do it. And I am sorry if you aren't married. That has nothing to do with me. I am in love, deal with it.

And I am sorry if I don't spend hours a day stroking your ego and listening to you talk about how great you are. I don't care how great you are. You seem to care enough about yourself for all of us. So you don't need my attention to reinforce how great you think you are.

And I don't need your attention so sorry if I offend you for not asking for it. I am fine. I have confidence, I don't need to fake it. I like myself for real and don't need your approval at all.

So go ahead and buy the car that you cant afford so we will all tell you how great your car is. Go ahead and spend all your money on clothes, so we will all tell you how cute you look. Go ahead and keep trying to meet the perfect man without flaws who doesn't see past your fake exterior, and says he loves you for who you you are, but really only loves you for who you pretend you are because you are too fake to show him your real self. Go ahead. Enjoy your fake life caring about superficial things and pretending that you are happy.

Just know that I don't drink your koolaid. Because I like real people. With real problems and real advice and real quirks who are imperfect. So don't mind me. You won't convert me to your cause. I know you can't handle being around me because you can't make me one of your lemmings. Deal with it and leave me alone.

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